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In 2013, Owase Jeelani co-founded the London Craniofacial Unit (LCU), an international healthcare facility. Jeelani’s vision for LCU was to replicate GOSH’s exceptional standard of multidisciplinary integrated care in the private sector to benefiting patients from across the globe with complex craniofacial and neurosurgical issues.

In 2020, with 3 cofounders, Owase Jeelani launched the Klay BioTech platform. The Klay Platform is an AI driven, 3D software platform offering an unprecedented level of accuracy, predictability and patient control for cranial and facial surgical procedures. The Klay Platform uses proprietary hardware and software solutions to plan, visualise, develop and execute procedures. To have this ability to see the predicted outcome is exceptionally reassuring for patients and provides an invaluable tool for surgical teams.

An exceptional media and events speaker, Prof. Jeelani’s unique global profile and experience in the operating room, the boardroom, and the research laboratory, position him well to engage with national and international stakeholders. Owase provides unique insights to guide and develop healthcare systems.

When asked why he studied not just Medicine, but Law and Management, Prof. Owase Jeelani’s response is that “silo-based thinking perpetuates biases which hamper progress.”