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Prof. Jeelani has led the successful separation of multiple sets of craniopagus twins, including Sudanese twins Rital and Ritag in 2011 and then, through Gemini Untwined, Pakistani twins Safa and Marwa in 2019, Turkish twins Yigit and Derman in 2020, a set of Israeli twins in 2021, Brazilian twins Arthur and Bernardo in 2022, and another set of Brazilian twins in 2023.

These operations have received significant international recognition, with over 200 articles in the mainstream media, including from The New York Times, Sky News, CNN, The Times and the BBC– whose article about Safa and Marwa was ranked as the 6th most read article globally.

Owase Jeelani’s vision with Gemini, is a model where every child with this need, born anywhere in the world, has access to the best advice and treatments available – the seed concept of a global health service.

Owase Jeelani and his family are patrons of a children’s charity in Kashmir sitting on the Board of Trustees for the UK arm of the charity.

The charity CHINAR Kashmir is a non-political and non-profit organisation focusing on improving the lives of marginalised children, women and families based in Jammu and Kashmir, were Owase was born.